Our Process

Finding the Right Home to Share

Our Screening and Matching Process Sunshine Home Share has developed a comprehensive and client driven process to make the best in-home matches possible. Each match is unique based upon the needs and wants of the individuals involved. It is up to the Home Seekers and Home Providers in the program to decide who they want to live with. Sunshine staff are there to support your home sharing process.



An over the phone interview ensure applicants are qualified.


Application & Verification

As part of our process we provide a national background and credit check.


Reference Check

We check all required references to ensure quality candidates.


Personal Interview

We meet each individual to find the right match for each home share.


Financial Social Work Coach Session

This is an optional step. Meet with our trained Financial Social Worker to work on goal setting to improve your financial health and well-being. This process is guided by your commitment to making changes to your financial health.


Trial Match

Once two participants agree to consider a match there is a recommended two-week trial period. At this trial either person can end the match at any time. The person moving into someone’s home is there as a guest during this period. Home Seekers keep their current housing to assure they have a place to go back to in case it doesn’t work out. They bring just a suitcase with what they need for the first two weeks.


Match Agreement

If the Trial Match succeeds, Sunshine works with both parties to draft an agreement outlining mutual expectations and both Home Seeker and Home Provider sign it. The Match Agreement will outline how the match will end and what type of notice will be expected.


Continuing Contact

Sunshine staff stays in regular contact with participants and we are available if needs change or issues arise. Quarterly home visits with a sliding care management fee are required for the first year of the match.

Begin by contacting us at (303) 915 8264 to complete our pre-screen interview to ensure you will qualify.