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Safe, Deliberate and Thoughtful Home Share Matching

Sunshine Home Share Colorado is a nonprofit organization assisting people above the age of 55 stay in their homes by safely matching them with someone seeking housing. Home sharing creates a mutually beneficial relationship, exchanging supportive services (lawn mowing, household chores, etc.) and companionship for affordable rent.

Best Practice Model

There are over 60 Home Share Programs in the US, utilizing a home share model that is tried and proven to work


Funding provided by the City and County of Broomfield, City of Golden, Daniels Fund, and other reputable private foundations.

Geriatric Social Workers

Staffed by experienced geriatric social workers that have education and backgrounds working with homebound older adults and are knowledgeable about social work based home sharing.

Extensive Intake Process

Staff complete in depth social work intakes to understand preferences, values, personality, and overall matchability.

Background and Credit Checks

Completed on all clients for a complete view on each client for safety and ability to financially support themsleves in a home sharing match.

Ongoing Support

Social workers support matches from their initial first meetings until the end of their match, providing consultation throughout the home sharing process.

Meet Dwight and Jackie

Dwight and Jackie lived together for 3 years allowing Dwight to be able to age in his home for longer than his family ever expected and Jackie was able to gain affordable housing and get back on her feet, paying minimal rent for helping Dwight with meal preparation and companionship. A mutually beneficial relationship for both.

Sunshine Home Share Colorado

Sunshine’s mission is to ensure quality of life for older adults and strengthen communities through a safe home-sharing model, supportive economic empowerment, and connections to resources and services.

What Our Clients Say About Us