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Financial Social Work

Sunshine Home Share Colorado offers a Financial Social Work Program in tandem with home sharing. As Home Seeker’s save money on rent by home sharing and Home Provider’s gain additional income, we assist them in reaching their financial goals. No cost to participate.
Our Financial Social Worker will curate a specific financial plan catered to your goals. Looking to buy a new car? Wanting to take a big vacation? We'll help you get there.
Our Financial Social Worker is knowledgeable on all things related to your credit. We provide credit score and credit report checks as well as tips and tricks to improve your score and/or clean up your credit report.
Student loans, credit cards, and family debt are all types of debt that our Financial Social Worker can help support you through and help you build a plan to tackle your debt.
Many common budgeting tasks don't work for the modern day person, our Financial Social Worker is trained in a variety of budgeting resources and will support you building a budget that works for you and support you in sticking to it.

Financial Social Work Stories

Sharon (92) has always loved playing sweepstakes and contests. Sharon was targeted by scammers during her home share match when Sunshine's Financial Social Worker intervened.
Heather (52) found home sharing in August 2020 and was quickly matched in September 2020. Heather’s home share match has helped her stabilize her life, having a safe and stable place to live, companionship, and gain employment utilizing her social work degree.