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Gerde and Margaret

Home Sharing since June 2020
Gerde (91) and has lived in her home in Denver for over 40 years. Until COVID hit she still worked for Metro Caring part time, biking to her job daily. With COVID she had to stop working and was struggling with being alone in her home. She has no family in Denver and was encouraged to contact Sunshine Home Share regarding an upstairs attached space in her home that she had rented out for many years. Friends and family knew Gerde’s safety would improve and isolation reduced if Gerde shared her home. Margaret (35) came to Sunshine looking for affordable housing while she was in graduate school, knowing that she could give back by helping an older adult in their home. She had identified a particular area in Denver where Gerda’s house happens to reside. The two met several times and discovered they both had rural upbringings and many things in common. Gerda and Margaret provide companionship to each other, riding bikes and going on day trips together. Happy Home Sharing Gerde and Margaret!