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Home sharing can be a rewarding way to find affordable housing in an expensive market, save money for future financial success, and give home seekers purpose in helping an older adult thrive and stay in their home.
Our average rent for the past two years was $650/month with 5 hours of service exchange per week.
Our matching is based off of personality and common interests, making sure that you and your housemate have similar values, hobbies, etc. for a better living arrangement for both you and your housemate
All our Home Providers (those sharing their homes) are above the age of 55, our oldest program participant has been 100 years old
Many of our Home Providers require assistance with yardwork, meal preparation, house cleaning, and errand running. Typically, the more household tasks you assist with the lower your rent is. We also offer home shares without any service exchange, though the rents tend to be higher without any service exchange.

Please make sure you fulfill these requirements before applying to our program

Home Seeker Eligibility

For more information on our application and eligibility policies, visit the How It Works Page

If you have any questions feel free to call us at (303) 915-8264 or use our Online Contact Form
  • Home Seekers must have verifiable income (can be social security, job wages, pension, student loan money). Home Seekers must have an income level sufficient to pay their own living expenses and rent.
  • Home Seekers must be above the age of 18, our youngest Home Seeker has been 23 years old and our oldest Home Seeker has been 87 years old.
  • Home Seekers must provide 3 verifiable references and complete a background and credit check.
  • Sunshine cannot serve individuals with current, untreated substance abuse problems. Persons in recovery must show three years of abstinence, substantiated with documentation.
  • Sunshine cannot serve anyone who at any time has been convicted of or pled guilty to: (a) offenses against the person such as homicide, assault, battery, kidnapping, unlawful sexual behavior, human trafficking and slavery, stalking; (b) offenses involving the family relations such as bigamy and incest, wrongs to children, harboring a minor, contributing the delinquency of a minor and domestic violence, (c) offenses relating to methamphetamine, and (d) any sex offender offenses.

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