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How It Works

A step by step explanation of what home sharing looks like from the beginning until the end. Sunshine staff support all parties in the home sharing match throughout their home sharing journey
Interested parties will apply using the online application. Staff will contact applicants and screen for eligibility. For more information on eligibility, scroll to the bottom of this page.
Staff will conduct an intake with every participant asking questions about personality, mental health, hobbies, home logistics, service needs, etc. to screen and better match you with a potential Home Provider or Home Seeker.
Background, DMV, and Credit Checks are pulled and reviewed by staff for safety. Every applicant must have three verifiable references. Staff will contact all references.
Home sharing is an opportunity to develop financial stability and create financial goals. We have a trained staff member who can meet in a one-on-one session with each applicant to support a path to better financial health.
Sunshine staff will contact both the Home Provider and Home Seeker to set up the first match meeting. Coordinating schedules can take time.
Sunshine staff are present for the first match meeting. This is to ensure safety and to help facilitate the conversation. Home Providers and Home Seekers may conduct multiple match meetings before finding a potential housemate. If the first match meeting is successful you are encouraged to meet 2-3 more times on your own. Insuring you know each other fairly well before moving on.
Sunshine strongly encourages a 2-week trial match. This is recommended so each party experiences living together before the final move-in. Staff meet at the home to discuss the Trial Match and set length of stay. Participants sign a document stating this is only a trial match for a specified time. During the Trial Match staff check in formally and are available for support.
If the Trial Match is successful, the Home Provider and Home Seeker work with staff and discuss all the details of living together including service exchange expectations, communication plans, rent, space, limitations, cleanliness, etc. Setting these parameters before move-in defines the expectations for a successful home sharing relationship.
Staff check in one to three weeks into the match making sure no additional support is needed. Our staff are available for support as needed throughout the match.
Staff assist throughout but conduct quarterly check in’s (4x/year). This is a discussion of challenges and successes where home seekers and home providers receive support from staff to continue in a healthy match.
All home sharing requires a degree of compromise. When agreeing to home share, you are agreeing to take steps to work through conflict and create positive solutions. If needed, Sunshine staff will conduct a home visit to facilitate a conversation about the challenges that have risen to help come to amicable solutions.
If and when a match ends, Sunshine staff conduct a home visit discussing the exit plan. This may include final rent payment, date of move out, cleanliness of space, etc.
Sunshine staff members will meet with the Home Provider and Home Seeker separately to process the end of the match. This will include talking about the positive aspects of home sharing that were experienced, the biggest challenges faced, new insights on home sharing, and potential future home sharing opportunities.
Download Policies and Procedures Manual (Updated May 2023)
Download Sunshine Home Share Application Policies